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Science News Briefs From All Over – Scientific American

What- July 30, 2019 0

A few brief reports about international science and technology from Guatemala to Australia, including one about the first recorded tornado in Nepal. What About Today ... Read More

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s hardline Brexit stance stokes fears for scientists – Science Magazine

What- July 29, 2019 0

New U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson enters 10 Downing Street after his inaugural speech. REUTERS/Hannah McKay By Erik StokstadJul. 29, 2019 , 1:00 PM The ... Read More

Here’s the science behind some of your favorite things to do in summer – Science News

What- July 5, 2019 0

Summer brings the heat — and in some cases a lot of it, as those who suffered through record-breaking heat waves in Europe and South ... Read More

Adding 1 billion hectares of forest could help check global warming – Science Magazine

What- July 3, 2019 0

This is where the world could support new forests. The map excludes existing forests, urban areas, and agricultural lands. J. Bastin, et. al., Science 365, ... Read More

Looking At Life Through The Lens Of Science – Forbes

What- July 2, 2019 0

lens-1209823_1920 Free for commercial use (via Pixabay) There’s no question that science provides an especially powerful lens through which to view the inner workings of ... Read More

The Blazing Science of This Year’s Total Solar Eclipse – WIRED

What- July 2, 2019 0

Tomorrow afternoon at 12:55 pm ET, a total solar eclipse will streak across lower South America, giving thousands of eclipse enthusiasts—and millions of first-timers—gathered in ... Read More

Curing cancer: Easy politics, difficult science – The CT Mirror

What- June 23, 2019 0

President Donald Trump made a new promise if voters grant him a second term: “We will come up with the cures to many, many problems, ... Read More